Already 10 days are gone in 2008 and I just realized I didn't have time to write a post looking back at what happened during last year:

Quite a busy year, isn't it?

How is going 2008 to be? Hopefully I'll not change 2 jobs in less than one year as I did in 2007.

And now let's talk about this blog. I posted quite a detailed overview of my first year of blogging last month, so I'm just going to re-apply Ayende's formula to calculate the most popular posts of 2007.

Title V A C Popularity P/Age
How to make a Gmail-like loading indicator with ASP.NET Ajax 17519 718 33 271120 1139
How to refresh an UpdatePanel from javascript 9188 830 15 146645 740
Ajax TreeView 6883 789 12 111555 569
.NET Ajax Survey results 6259 500 9 99200 4960
Vista Gadget for CruiseControl.NET - CC.NET Monitor for Vista Sidebar 0.5 4502 549 11 73405 273

I also added to the formula an indicator of popularity/age of post, and as you can see, using this last counter, the winner is the post with the results of the survey about the usage of Ajax among .NET developers (also thanks to the link in CodeProject Insider newsletter which brought to the post around 3500 visitors in 2 days).

I wish you all a wonderful 08.

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