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Yesterday afternoon I delivered my first speech in English: NHibernate in 8 minutes during the Lightining session at the Wellington .NET user group meeting.

I hope my English was not too bad, and that I managed in making a brief overview of the power of NHibernate.

If you attended my presentation, please write a comment about it, and also if you would like to listen to a more detailed presentation of NHibernate.

For the moment you can download the slides and the demo of the Lightning presentation.

posted on Thursday, February 8, 2007 1:00 AM

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# re: NHibernate in 8 minutes

Left by James Hippolite at 2/9/2007 2:40 PM

Your talk has intrigued me some more about this app. I've heard a little about it. I am still not convinced that I need it. When I create a new TableAdapter object in a VS2005 DataSet, it creates a strongly-typed dataset that I can refer to in code, or from which I can create ObjectDataSources. Why do I need NHibernate again?

# re: NHibernate in 8 minutes

Left by Nic Wise at 2/9/2007 3:06 PM

I think it's a matter of preference. I prefer to use objects, rather than "table adapters", and let the ORM deal with it. Others prefer the .NET build in stuff. Some like SQL, some prefer to only use SP's.

As long as the app works and is maintainable, really it doesn't matter :)

# re: NHibernate in 8 minutes

Left by Simone at 2/9/2007 3:13 PM

Just 3 words: "Dataset are evil" :-)
Don't use them!!!

Ok, just joking :-)
Typed-Dataset are better now.

But, can you pass a dataset to webservice? Or pass it to an app server using remoting? In that situation plain objects perform better.

And also with NHibernate you have much more that strongly-typed objects: you have lazy loading, you have SQL optimizations, you have caching, you have multi-DB support.

Anyway, as Nic says, it's just a matter of what you are doing with your application, and your preferences.

# re: NHibernate in 8 minutes

Left by Simone Chiaretta at 2/10/2007 8:42 AM

A small addendum to the answer:
with dataset how cannot use a domain model, you base your application on the physical schema of your DB.
With NHibernate you start designing the domain model of your application, with all the polymorphisms, inheritance, composition, valueobjects and then he maps it to the DB.

But of course, you have just to write in 2 day a little application to replace the access forms of some legacy DB, then probably is more cheap to go with dataset.

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