Less than a month ago I reviewed my 2 years of blogging and I listed my top 10 posts ever. Looking back at 2008, I noticed that I blogged a lot about ASP.NET MVC. But looking at the stats probably this is not yet a popular topic, since it’s too early in the product lifecycle: in fact the most popular post of the year is about jQuery. And since my figures are not that high, it’s enough to have a post on the homepage of non .NET social bookmarking site (like reddit) for one day, that the number of views that this post gets are enough to make it one of the top 5 posts of the year.

The most popular posts of 2008

1. How to manage ASP.NET validation from Javascript with jQuery – This post explains how to trigger ASP.NET client side validation from a custom javascript function, and shows a example using jQuery.

2. ASP.NET MVC Link collection – This is a list of posts on ASP.NET MVC Preview 1, but contains also links to less API-related posts and podcasts, so still a valuable lists of links.

3. C# vs Ruby – Shows a interesting comparison between C# and Ruby, based on the day of the week people look for the two terms on Google. Thanks to Andrea Balducci for giving me the inspiration for the post.

4. .NET vs PHP in the Enterprise comics strip – This post went on the home page of Reddit, and raised a nest of angry hornets. Too bad people always take things too seriously and are too religious about their programming language of choice.

5. Beware the $(...) in jQuery: $("#elementId") != document.getElementById("elementId") – That’s probably one of the less understood things of jQuery: the jQuery wrapper, when asked for a element id, doesn’t return the element itself, but an array that contains only that element.

It’s worth noticing that even if I wrote only 5 posts about jQuery, 2 made the top 5, while only one of the 41 I wrote about ASP.NET MVC.

Something else

I’m pretty happy to see that my post announcing the book Keyvan and I were starting to write on ASP.NET MVC got a bit of exposure, even if it didn’t make the top 5.

Looking at 2009

In the last months all my writing time has been dedicated to the book, but now the it is almost done (just need to update it with the RC and the RTM will come out), so expect to see more posts about ASP.NET MVC in the months to come. And I’m also planning a few tutorials and post series for the next year. Also expect a book giveaway when our book is published.

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And since it’s the last day of 2008, I want to wish a Happy New Year to all my readers.

PS: Thanks to Dave Ward for providing a good source of inspiration for this post.

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