As mentioned last summer, I finally managed to make my passion for Umbraco a part of my everyday job, and after almost an year of work, we are approaching the final stage of the development of the new website of the Council of European Union

The project is big one compared to the typical Umbraco projects, both for the features requested by the users and for the size of the team (10+ developers and designers) working on it, so we thought it was a good idea to propose a talk on what we have done and how we are doing it.

In the talk my colleague Dirk and I covered:

  • Why and how we decided to use Umbraco for our project
  • How the team is organized and which tools we use for collaborate and plan work
  • How we implemented a CI/CD pipeline on premise using the Atlassian stack
  • How the system is designed, how we do caching and handle scalability
  • How we designed the editor experience
  • Our approach to 24 1-1 multilingual site
  • How we automate translation of content using Xliff v2.0
  • Integration with internal systems
  • Full-text search with Elastic Search
  • Importing data from the previous CMS

Without further ado, here are the slides

Fast and furious(ly) multilingual: Publishing of EU politics in 24 languages with Umbraco from Simone Chiaretta

If you attended our talk, we'd love to have your feedback, and we are happy to answer additional questions.