Last week it was exactly two years since my first post on this blog, and it’s time to draw some conclusions on these 2 years.

First some numbers: 460 posts, 1056 comments, 350k page views, 225k unique visitors, almost 1000 RSS subscribers.

But the numbers alone don’t say a lot: it’s better to see the charts with the trends of visitors and subscribers over the years as provided by Google Analytics and Feedburner (the spikes are related to some posts that got lots of view). During the last months, I averaged around 700 page views per day.



Now same more charts. The number of posts per month:


Interesting to notice that months with most posts were the ones I spent in NZ, and the ones with least posts are Sept and Oct 08, two of the most busy months for my book writing process.

One last chart: the number of posts compared to the number of view.


Most of my visits come from search engines, and it’s interesting to notice that the number of view follows the number of post accumulated over the months.

And finally the list of my top 10 posts, using Ayende’s formula:

  1. How to make a Gmail-like loading indicator with ASP.NET Ajax – 45369 views
  2. How to refresh an UpdatePanel from javascript – 35067 views
  3. Ajax TreeView – 22175 views
  4. Rss2BlogML: export any RSS feed to a BlogML file – 18333 views
  5. .NET Ajax Survey results – 13452 views
  6. How to manage ASP.NET validation from Javascript with jQuery – 13545 views
  7. How to add a required validator to a CheckBoxList – 11928 views
  8. Vista Gadget for CruiseControl.NET - CC.NET Monitor for Vista Sidebar 0.5 – 10983 views
  9. How to enable an ASP.NET WebService to listen to HTTP POST calls – 9313 views
  10. ASP.NET MVC Link collection – 7814 views

What do I get from this? That people look mainly for Ajax/javascript related topics and look for “How tos” and not about opinions and theoretical posts.

What’s next? I’m almost at the end of my book, and in the future expect to see some posts about jQuery, ASP.NET MVC, Ninject and possibly even something about iPhone development (which might be my next project at Avanade).

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