I just watched the videos published by ScottHa with the presentation by ScottGu on the new MVC framework for ASP.NET, and really liked the approach the MS team that is going to be lead by Phil is having on this: everything is pluggable, everything is replaceable, no more postbacks, no more viewstate.

To view the video yourself, if you are not among the 20k subscribers of Scott Hanselman blog, go to his post and follow the links to watch the videos in Silverlight format. Or download the WMV files:

And following the DRY principle, I'm not repeating a complete description of the MVC framework, but I'd rather link to what Damien Guard wrote: Observations on Microsoft MVC for ASP.NET

ScottGu said that they are going to release a first public preview release in 6 to 8 weeks, so, by the end of November give or take: looking forward to have a look at it.

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