During last Saturday’s UGIALT.Net Conference in Milano I shared a talk together with Italian RoR expert Sandro Paganotti: “RoR vs ASP.NET MVC”.

We had 20 minutes each to build a super easy conference registration page and also explaining to the audience what we were doing. The goal of the talk was not to choose the best platform or the most productive one, but to show the steps needed to setup and create a simple but fully functional web application. It was a very nice experience and I think it showed how similar the the web frameworks are.

To bring the conference to those who were not able to come, here I am posting the video, the slides and the code demos.

The Video

The session is in Italian, but I think that the live coding and the process can be understood even if you don’t understand Italian.

The Slides

The Code Demo

You can download the demo of the JoinTheConf mini app:

And the RoR version is also available online if you want to play with it.

Let me know what you think of it.