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Ruby on Rails vs ASP.NET MVC slides, demos and video are online

During last Saturday’s UGIALT.Net Conference in Milano I shared a talk together with Italian RoR expert Sandro Paganotti: “RoR vs ASP.NET MVC”. We had 20 minutes each to build a super easy conference registration page and also explaining to the audience what we were doing. The goal of the talk was not to choose the best platform or the most productive one, but to show the steps needed to setup and create a simple but fully functional web application. It was a very nice experience and I think it showed how similar the the web frameworks are. To...

ASP.NET MVC for RoR developers: do as locals do

A few days ago, Simon Tokumine, a Ruby On Rails developer from UK who had to build a web app using, as he calls it, .NET MVC (ASP.NET MVC as we usually calls it), wrote a nice post that makes a comparison between RoR and ASP.NET MVC. Actually it was not really a comparison, more a “ASP.NET MVC for RoR developers” kind of post. He was a foreigner that came into the .NET country and visited the city called ASP.NET MVC, and he gave his opinion on his first (or second) visit. But not being a local he only used...