In June this year we released an important version of Subtext that included lots of refactoring and was the first step to being ASP.NET MVC based. Then after a few weeks we released a bug fix version (2.5.1) but still an important bug was left open, and it prevented one of our contributor and long time user Travis Illig to upgrade to 2.5 because some of the changes we made to the skinning component broke support for Medium Trust (VirtualPathProvider had some problem in Medium Trust).

Unfortunately we were never able to replicate the problem because on “normal” Medium Trust everything worked fine: but thankfully Travis has been able to debug to code on his server, find the bug and also submit a patch.

And during the All Saints holiday Phil merged the patch and we released a new releases with just that bug fix. And apparently now all the problems have been fixed since Travis just blogged from the new installation on Subtext 2.5.2.

So, if you were running into issues with Medium Trust, go ahead and download the new Subtext 2.5.2.

Just one little note on the full version number is The revision number is 0, which means that the release file has been built on a local machine: this because we are in the process of migrating our build process from our now obsolete build server to the TeamCity build server nicely provided and supported by CodeBetter. But this is a story for another time.

Of course, if you still run into Medium Trust problems with your Subtext installation, please let us know.