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After a long year, 3 weeks ago we released Subtext version 2.5. After the release we found some quite high-priority bug and so now today Subtext 2.5.1 has been released, which fixes the following bugs:

  • 222: Wrong Url for category list
  • 221: Category archive pages are empty
  • 225: Skins with codeblocks don't raise a 404 error when the page is missing
  • 233: HttpException when viewing Skins admin in medium trust
  • 229: Image resizing in galleries does not work
  • 209: Setup should detect problems in the installation

If you installed Subtext 2.5, go and download this bug-fix release, if you are still on a previous version, 2.5.1 is a pretty solid release, hopefully all the critical bugs have been fixed, so go and upgrade to this new version and take benefit of the new feature we introduced in Subtext 2.5.

Download Subtext 2.5.1

posted on Sunday, June 27, 2010 10:56 PM

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# re: Just released: Subtext 2.5.1 release notes

Left by Dave at 6/28/2010 12:34 PM


I've upgraded from 2.1 following your video, using the 2.5.1 upgrade tool. I did:

1. On server 2008, I copied the existing blog folder to a new folder.
2. Ran the upgrade tool, pointing it at the new folder
3. Opened in VS and ran it, to see "this blog is being upgrade; if you are HostAdmin client to complete upgrade". 4. Clicked and received a NulLReferenceException page "SkinConfig.GetCurrentSkin: +63 (MasterPage.get_TemplateFile:+56)".

This is probably cured easily by config somewhere, but where? Help.



# re: Just released: Subtext 2.5.1 release notes

Left by Simone at 6/28/2010 1:33 PM

Well... I'm not Phil... anyway:
please check all the custom skins have a skin.config file in their folder, especially check your current skin.
Otherwise, just try changing the skin in your database manually:
- open table subtext_config
- edit the row of your blog (id 0 is you have one blog, or otherwise pick the right one if you have more)
- change the Skin column to a default skin, like "RedBook"

Let me know if that helps.
Otherwise please file a bug on the issue tracker ( a please post a detailed stack trace, better if with you use the debug symbols as well.

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