Over the last month we released 2 versions of Subtext:

Now we are looking ahead for the next version (Subtext 2.6) which will mainly address the pains of some big blog sites like UGIdotNET and GeeksWithBlogs: with the current version it’s nearly impossible to manage the amount of blogs they have on their site and we will try to make that easier for them to do so. And on our plan there is also the upgrade of the rich text editor to CKEditor 3.

But we are still undecided whether to stay on .NET 3.5 or to upgrade to .NET 4.

Upgrading to .NET 4 which will enable us to take advantage of SQL CE 4 to provide an embedded database option that runs on medium trust, Razor for building skins in the future and using MEF for our plugin architecture.

So, without further ado, please take a second to answer to the following simple question: Which framework should Subtext vNext target/support? (if the form below doesn’t seem like working, please vote directly using the link)

And if you have other feature request, please feel free to comment on this blog post.