...Or at least this is what we can infer from Google Trends.


From this graph we can see that searches started in 4th quarter of 2007 (when ASP.NET MVC was first announced) and spikes always happened at each release of the various preview versions. The final ramp coincides with the announcement of the RC and the wait for the actual RC release. I wonder what is going to happen when the RTW is released.

If you browse to the graph, you'll notice a funny thing: the city that performs most searches is Redmond, where the MS offices are. Either they are constantly looking for new blog posts on the topic or other offices in the company listen to that product and go and look what it is about.

If we compare the volume of searches of ASP.NET MVC with the one of Ruby on Rails, you notice that the interest in RoR is dropping since mid 2007, and now it is half of what it was in 2006. This might either mean two things: the interest in RoR is really dropping after the excitement of the first period, or everybody that was interested already knows everything and rarely look on the web for informations (which also mean that there are little new people embracing it as notoriously RoR documentation is not that good).


In the last month searches for ASP.NET MVC are just half the one for RoR.


Let's wait for "a little before MIX" (as at MIX there are no session planned for ASP.NET MVC, so I doubt the RTW will be released at MIX) to see how these lines move and if the interest for ASP.NET MVC will overtake the one for RoR.

Thanks to Liam McLennan for tweeting the link to the first graph and giving me the inspiration for this.

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