I'm here at the Melbourne airport, after 4 hours and 30 minutes of flight over the Tasman Sea. The Qantas zone of the airport has free WiFi connectivity, which is very good, compared to the 5£ per hour I paid at Heathrow coming in New Zealand 7 months ago. Now my connectivity is limited only by the short battery life of my old laptop: too bad I don't have the 6 hours battery life of a Mac yet.


Anyway, looking at my feeds, I just found out a very good news: my friends from Mindscape just released the first official version of their domain modeling framework LightSpeed. It's a commercial product, but there is also a "personal" edition for free (but only 8 classes in our model).

I took part in the beta phase and I really like the approach, but unfortunately the product can only applied to product built from scratch, so was not able to apply it to my current project.

If you didn't, I encourage you to check it out: the 3 guys at Mindscape built a great product.