Deploy ASP.NET Core apps to Azure - Day 16 - 24 days of "Front-end Development with ASP.NET Core, Angular, and Bootstrap"

Yesterday we've seen how to deploy an ASP.NET Core app to IIS, and today we look at how to do the same on Azure.

Publishing on Azure is super-simple and can be easily done from within Visual Studio.

From the overview screen of the project, just select "Publish" and then "Microsoft Azure App Service".

Publish Dialog

You can then either select an existing App Service or create a new one directly from the Publish dialog, without going to the Azure Portal.

Publish Dialog

One thing I recommend doing is also creating a new Resource Group and service plan (if you are just testing, remember to select the Free size).

So, nothing different from a standard ASP.NET application. The only difference is that the actual publishing consists on Visual Studio running dotnet publish to create the file bundle on a temporary folder, followed by Web Deploy moving the files to the server.

There is another way of deploying applications to Azure, and it is done via Git. But this is something for another day.

This article was short summary of the chapter about deploying ASP.NET Core from my upcoming book "Front-end Development with ASP.NET Core, Angular, and Bootstrap"

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