10 years of blogging... and blog migrated to Articulate on Umbraco

Exactly 10 years, on the 11th of December 2006, I wrote my first post on this blog, just a few days before quitting my first ever job in Esperia and few weeks before moving to New Zealand.

Lots of time passed by. I moved to New Zealand, went back to Italy, quit my job at Calcium, started working in Avanade, got to know Umbraco, moved here to Belgium and started working for the EU, started triathlon (and many other changes as well).

Blog migration

Now, 10 years after my first blog post, as I announced a few days ago, I also changed blogging platform, moving from the obsolete Subtext, to the more modern, easier to update and closer to my current interests, Articulate.

As you can see, the skin is very simple and some of the feautures I had in my previous skin are not here yet, like categories, tags, monthly archives, code highlighting and lightbox for images. I wanted to make sure all content was moved correctly.

A new feature introduced is that comments are now managed off-site, by Disqus.

How I migrated from Subtext to Articulate

The migration was not a difficult one, but a few customizations we needed to keep the old URL structure and make the right URL rewriting for the routes that I couldn't keep the same.

I'll write some posts in the next weeks explaining everything I've done.

Contributions to Articulate

Apart from some customization specific to my scenario I also made a lot of changes to Articulate in order to correctly import my BlogML. I'll be sending a few PR to be incorporated into the main code-base.