I’m in the process of migrating my blog from Subtext to Articulate.

There are various reasons to this. First, not being MVP I don’t have  free azure subscription anymore, and I’d have to migrate anyway. Then Subtext is a very old software, based on pre-nuget libraries, and I cannot even make it to run on my own computer, so I cannot update it with things I’d like in a modern blogging engine. And finally, being more and more into the Umbraco community, I wanted to host my blog on Umbraco as well.

I already setup a blog on Umbraco and Articulate: TriathlonGeek, and is about my triathlon experience and how I’m preparing for my first full distance Ironman for 2018. It’s pretty clean and easy, but planning on adding some more features to it.

Now, what are the issues the I’ve to face when migrating from my blog to Articulate:

  1. First I need to export all posts from Subtext and import them into Articulate: this is easy as Subtext exports to BlogML and Articulate imports BlogML
  2. Then I need to copy over all pics and make sure references are still ok. There are few options I’m considering for this.
  3. Articulate doesn’t natively support comments, but it can be configured to use either Disqus or facebook. I’ll go with Disqus as it allows me to import my old comments from BlogML.
  4. Finally I need to keep the same URLs. Now I have /archive/yyyy/mm/dd/title.aspx. Articulate by default has /archive/title. No date and no .aspx at the end. With a mix of 301 redirects and custom UrlProvider to generate custom url I should have this solved.
  5. I also need to import manually all tags, as the BlogML export from Subtext doesn’t provided them.

So while recovering from surgery I’m doing all these changes and I hope to have them done by when my MSDN subscription expires, beginning of next week. If not, my blog will be down a couple of days before it’s new life on Umbraco and Articulate on Umbraco Cloud.