Last Thursday I held a presentation about SOLID principles at the .NET User Group Bern. It was a real pleasure for me to go to Switzerland and speak to a very interested audience.

My talk was actually made of two parts:

  • An introduction to SOLID principles
  • A deep dive into Dependency Injection and IoC containers

In the IoC part I mainly showed samples using my favorite IoC, Ninject. But I also did one sample using Unity and one with Funq, the new super-fast IoC container developed by Daniel Cazzulino.

During the event one of the attendees, Frank Werner-Krippendorf, brought to my attention one of (many) IoC container I didn’t mention: LightCore, a totally Swiss-made IoC container. At first look it seems like it takes the “make your own factory” approach that is also used in Funq (and which avoid the performance problem of doing Reflection to auto discover dependencies). But I’ll have a look more deeply into it (and into Funq) in the next weeks.

Without further ado, here is my presentation.

You can also download the slide in powerpoint format, and all the samples. And online on the DNUG-Bern website you can find the pictures from the event.

If you attended and liked the presentation I’d love if you could take a minute to rate my talk on SpeakerRate.

Now it’s the part of the post where I have to say thank to everybody that attended the event, and especially to Kay Herzam and René Leupold that invited me to speak at the event and that paid for a great Cheese Fondue dinner in downtown Bern. And for supplying me with a good dose of Rivella for the speech.

Also thanks to Patrick Weibel (and the two other guys I don’t remember the name of) for joining us for the dinner, and giving us some tips about where to go XC skiing in Switzerland.

And last, but not least, I wanted to thank Derick Bailey for making available the slides from his awesome SOLID presentation (whose diagrams I used in my slides).