Next week I’ll be speaking about ASP.NET MVC Extensibility at the MVC pre-conference during annual Umbraco CodeGarden conference in Copenhagen starting next June 23rd.

The presentation will be split in the two parts (just before and just after lunch) and it will cover the most of the main extensibility points of ASP.NET MVC which I covered in my most popular post: 13 ASP.NET MVC extensibility points you have to know. And I will also talk about the new extensibility points introduced in ASP.NET MVC 2, like Validation Rules and custom templates (which I covered in my Wrox Blox about ASP.NET MVC 2).

There will also be an Hands-On Lab, so come prepared and bring your laptop.

I’ll not be the only one talking during the MVC pre-conference: Jon Galloway will hold its famous day-long MVC bootcamp and Steve Sanderson will talk about advanced ASP.NET MVC, BDD-TDD, and Web Security.

If you are interested in the topics I think there are still some seats available: you can still buy them and get a 3 days event in an awesome venue, with great food and community events.

Now that the event is finished, I just published slides and demos of both my MVC Extensibility and ViewModel talks online.