Reader new to my blog might have wondered why blog lives in a .NZ domain: to make a long story short, it’s because when I started my blog I was so excited about my relocation to New Zealand that I registered a .NZ domain.

Then I came back to Italy, and started to work in Milano. Last autumn I had the chance to go back to New Zealand again, but at the same time the offer to work for an European Institution arrived. And then my domain didn't make sense any more. And because it seems like I've a pretty good record in changing countries, I also want to change the domain of my blog to something that won’t become obsolete with my next move.

So I'm here, asking to you, all my dear readers, on opinion on the first-level domain that my blog should have. The options I thought of are:

  • CodeClimber.NET.NZ - let it be... changing domain is a big problem with SEO and with the brand of your blog
  • CodeClimber.IT - Like it or not, I'm Italian, and that will never change
  • CodeClimber.NET - this is the most similar to my current domain, and since I'm talking about .NET...
  • CodeClimber.COM - this is the main and most respected first-level domain
  • CodeClimber.EU - I feel more European than Italian, if I change country again I might probably stay in the continent, and I'm working for the EU

So, now time to vote:

If you don't see the voting gadget, you can vote on a stand-alone page Thinking about changing the geographic part of my codeclimber blog's domain: what do you think?

Also, please, write a comment to tell me why you prefer a domain to another. Thank you