Not that now making software is not fun anymore, but working on a startup, trying to make something that might change the way we think at software, or making something totally new is much more fun than… everything else that doesn’t involve working with “startups”.

And this spirit is well capture into Code Rush, a documentary about the open-sourcing on Netscape and beginning of the Mozilla Project: featuring the first nightly build, the launch party and much more. It was first released in VHS (we are talking about 1998), when out-of-print, and at the end of July 2009 Code Rush was released with a Creative-Common license, and you can download it for free in various format. But there is more, they are putting up online all the recorded footage (105hr) in a searchable archive.

This a very particular moment in the history of computers, but we must remember that making software is fun, and even if we are maintaining a legacy application we have to try and find the fun hidden into it.

[Via Startup, when programming was still fun]

PS: OK, working for startups have disadvantages as well, but still… fun.