UPDATE: The survey is closed. The results are published: Ajax survey 2009: jQuery and MS Ajax are almost tied.

After 3 days and a half, with a weekend and a public holiday in between, the survey about Ajax adoption among .NET developers already received 1047 responses. Here some quick stats:

  • an incredible (in my eyes) 5% claims he is not doing Ajax development at all;
  • the most used web frameworks is pretty obviously WebForms (89%) followed by ASP.NET MVC (38%);
  • the most used JavaScript library is jQuery with 76%, followed by Ajax Control Toolkit (58%) and ASP.NET Ajax (48%). And still a good 8% is hand-crafting javascript and ajax calls;
  • among the ones using ASP.NET Ajax, the vast majority is using the UpdatePanel control (88%) and 58% is using the ASP.NET Ajax client library and talking directly to Json/XML services.

We are still at the point were these answers reflect mostly the readers of my blog, so probably still a bit biased toward the ALT.NET kind of developers. Bertrand Le Roy published a link to the survey on his blog so maybe I’ll receive less biased answers in the next days.

If you haven’t already, please take the survey. And if you have a blog, I’d love if you could republish the link:


More answers means more understanding of how people are using Ajax in .NET, and maybe can help steering the future of Ajax on .NET.

I’ll post a more complete analysis of the results and compare it with the results I collected at the end of 2007 once the survey is closed.

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