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Oracle buys Sun and, incidentally, gets MySql and "might" put an end to it.

A few days before that, the NY jury says that the new America's Cup, as planned by Alinghi is invalid (which was challenged by a yacht club which didn't have the pre-requisites to start an AC challenge), and so they are forced to accept the challenge made by Oracle Racing two years ago, which challenged them to race on 90x90 feet multi-hulls (for non US people, around 27m x 27m).

Later, Ellison, in compliance with his egocentric view of the World, sends a letter to Alinghi "suggesting" a new format for the competition and proposing to jointly manage the next America's Cup. This is the first time in 150 years that the challenger proposes to manage the competition: it's the defenders that does this.

So, Alinghi refuses the new "suggestions" and accepted the multi-hull competition.

Is Ellison, the man who thinks that the only difference between him and God is that God don't think He is Larry Ellison, working in a secret moon sized battle station? I mean... MS is not a charity, but at least Bill Gates is not that mean.


Sorry for the rant... but I had to write this... I'm so angry at Oracle for how they managed to (or are trying to) destroy the America's Cup as we knew it. Not that this never happened before, but...

Thanks to Eric Williams for the inspiration