MIX09 is starting in two days, and again, even this year, I’m not going to Vegas: I had to choose between ALT.NET Conf + MVP Summit and MIX09, and I chose for the former. Can’t fly from Italy to US twice in 3 weeks (and I’m still recovering from last flight’s jetlag).

But luckily, as they did with last PDC, the keynotes will be streamed live, and all the session recordings will be available almost immediately. I’ll miss the community interactions and I’ll not meet all the awesome guys that will go to Vegas, but at least I won’t miss the new announcements and the sessions.

ScottGu is delivering the keynote: I’m wondering if he is going to announce something more than just Silverlight 3 and if he is going to wear the Red Shirt.

To make my life easier, I already searched the sessions I’d have attended, so that I can download the videos afterwards:

Unfortunately there is no way to link to the session abstracts on the normal site, but MIX09 has a mobile version of the site (which seems like it’s made for the iPhone), so the links are taking to the mobile version of the abstracts.

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