The first version of my tiny FilterInjector included only the action invoker for ActionFilters.

But ASP.NET MVC has four different filters:

  • Action Filters: executed before and after an Action is executed
  • Result Filters: executed before and after the ActionResult returned by the Action is executed
  • Authorization Filters: executed before an Action is executed, to verify that the current request is authorized
  • Exception Filters: executed when a unhandled exception happens during the execution of the request

Now, thanks to Owen Evans which kindly sent me a patch, the Ninject.FilterInjector can also inject dependencies into all the four kind of filters.

You can download the latest version from my personal Google Code repository, together with a sample ASP.NET MVC website that uses all the aforementioned filters. The instruction to use it in your web applications are outlined in my previous post: Extending Ninject to inject dependencies into Action Filters.