My wife Daniela is a User Experience and User Interface Expert, and before that she worked as web designer at various web agencies.


After a few years of blogging in Italian, she decided to take her experience, fresh perspective and pragmatic eye on design and user experience topics to a wider audience, and thus today she started blogging in English.

To do a warm start, she already wrote some posts, refactoring them from her top hits of the Italian blog:

  • Project management tools - a quick commentary of a blog post that does on overview of 15 online project management applications
  • Schematics: the horizontal vision - what is a schematic? how to develop it in the most time effective way?
  • How to make effective presentations using PowerPoint - PowerPoint leads to a wrong way of doing presentations: effects, animations are useless if we forget the basics. Daniela reminds us which these basics are.
  • Why to use a CSS framework? - Designers, way more that developers, like to repeat themselves, and always write their sites and layout from scratch. But in our work we cannot afford to loose time to always do the same things over and over, and a CSS framework can help us with that.

Just a quick note: her site runs, pretty obviously, on Subtext, and she just finished designing her new skin. And she also has a personal photo blog.

I really recommend that you go and visit her blog, and subscribe to her feed. She might not post always detailed step by step tutorials on how to do things with CSS, but she has a really fresh perspective on things.