Year 2008 finished with a post about my best 5 posts of the year: year 2009 must start with the usual New Year’s resolutions.

Personal Resolutions

Go back climbing

Last year, due to various personal problems, general bad weather and book writing I was not able to train and go the climbing gym as I used to. And I also didn’t go too much out in the mountains doing climbing. I hope I can train and go climbing more this year.

Take part in one triathlon competition

During last year I started going back to cycling (the only sport I practiced at competition level), I bought a new bike, and started training during the weekends (that is also part of the reason last year I didn’t climb that much). I run quite often, especially after I bought the Nike+ kit. I also started swimming, since I found a public swimming pool at only 10 minutes from my office. And triathlon is one of the sport I always dreamed of doing, let’s see if I can take part in a Triathlon Sprint (the shortest distance, 750m swim, 20Km bike, 5Km run) in 2009. I also want to thank Luca Villa, a developer at the client I worked at during 2008, for the inspiration (he is a triathlete).

Blogging and community involvement Resolutions

Blog more tutorials and technical articles

2008 was more about in-person activities: I organized two events, I spoke at 4 events about ASP.NET MVC and wrote a real book. But I didn’t write a lot of quality technical posts. I’ve already some ideas of good technical posts and tutorials that are going to come in the next few months. In 2009 I want to provide more quality content here in on my blog. Stay tuned to get it.

OpenSource development

I’m part of Subtext core team, but lately I didn’t work on it that much. I also a few ideas about small and simple libraries and widgets that I’d like to develop to contribute to the community. I’d also like to revamp my CC.NET Monitor Gadget for Vista, which has been more than an year and half without an update.

Produce some content about ASP.NET MVC in Italian

I’ve been asked by Pietro Brambati  and Gabriele Castellani to do something about ASP.NET MVC for MSDN Italy: I’d love to do it, also because most of my technical articles are in English, and I feel like I’m not giving too much back to my home community, UGIdotNET.

Redesign my blog

This is long overdue: hopefully I’ll get to do it in a few months. A big to Daniela that is doing the design (and also one skin for Subtext), and to Janko for the great suggestions he sent me.

Technology Resolutions

Enhance my .NET skills

There a few libraries/technologies that I’d like to get deeper into, and that I’ve not been able to yet:

  • jQuery
  • IoC Containers as whole, and specifically Ninject
  • Lambda, Expressions Tree in C#
  • LINQ

Start developing for Mac/iPhone

I wanted to give it a try since I got my MacBook 13 months ago, and now that I’ve to develop a iPhone app for work, I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to get started with it.

Let’s see if I can make these resolutions come true. I’ll keep you updated while the year passed by. If you haven’t already, consider subscribing to my free updates via RSS.

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