Lately I’ve been a bit busy writing a book on ASP.NET MVC and with some Microsoft events, so unfortunately I didn’t have a lot of remaining spare time to write the interesting posts I used to write before. But my mind never stop running, so sometimes an idea for a good post popped up in my mind. At first I thought I would have been able to remember them all, but soon I discovered I was keeping forgetting them, so I looked for a solution to this problem. And I found out a post that suggested (sorry, don’t remember which one it was) to use a mind map to keep track of all the ideas. The mind map format also allows the ideas to flow, as from one idea many other might come out, like other posts on the same topic or more in-depth posts.

And among the few online mindmapping tools I found, I started to use MindMaster (the other options were and Mindomo) which has a free membership that includes 6 maps.

Down below is my current mind map with the ideas for posts I collected in the past few months:


So, as soon as I finish writing the book, which will hopefully be done by mid-late November, I’ll go back in blog writing mode, so, stay tuned as there are interesting posts on the way.

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