Well, not yet, but hopefully soon.

Which book cover am I talking about? It’s book I’m writing together with Keyvan, about ASP.NET MVC, for Wrox.

The book title will be “Beginning ASP.NET MVC”.

You way wonder why a book about a technology that is not even in beta and about which there are already six books. The reason is simple: all the six books are “pro” books, targeted at experienced developers, that are already trying out the early bits, but that want to know more.

We both are writing two introductory series on ASP.NET MVC on two famous .NET portals: Keyvan on aspalliance and me on DotNetSlackers.

We thought that this framework is such a innovation in the world of Microsoft web developers, and we want it to be accessible also by the ones that are not keeping up to date and that are new to this technology or know about other MVC-based frameworks but want to start developing using the Microsoft stack.

When will the book be published? Only time will tell: probably, as all other books, 2 to 3 months after ASP.NET MVC framework goes RTW.

UPDATE: Keyvan wrote a similar announcement, with a bit more details on it.

UPDATE2: I forgot to mention the other people in party: Ivan Porto Carrero, my friend from Belgium and Eilon Lipton, lead developer on the ASP.NET MVC team will be the tech editors of the book.

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