It's not April 1st...

And it's not about me...

A friend of mine, a member of the Italian .NET user group, is doing the big step, and moving to Bermuda, the sunny, surfy, sharky islands in front of Florida.

I did the same more than one year ago and I know how difficult it is to leave all your friends, family and completely change the way you used to do, and start a new life somewhere else, so I wish him all the best.

He is blogging his experiences relocating to Bermuda, how to get a work permit and all that stuff.

I know there is a .NET UG in Bahamas, founded by Kyle Baley, but I didn't know there was some interest in the IT in Bermuda as well.

If you are living in Bermuda or you know someone else doing .NET in Bermuda, please contact Raffaele, so he will not feel alone among tanned surfer and divers.

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