After reading Damien's post about his Win08 Server installation on his MacBook Pro I decided to try and do the same on my MacBook (without the "Pro").

Since I made the switch to the Mac I always did my little home coding on my old laptop or on my work ones, but now I decided to do more coding and less writing and I prefer to do it at my desk on my 20" Cinema Display, so I need to run Visual Studio on my Mac. Here the need to install Windows.

Setting up Windows 2008 Server on the Mac with Boot Camp was pretty easy:

  • Create a partition for the Windows Installation using the Boot Camp Assistant (I allocated 15GB)
  • Insert the installation CD, reboot and install Windows
  • Once Windows loads up you need to install the Drivers from the Boot Camp CD
  • Optimize Windows2008 Server to run as Workstation

I think some drivers are not supported since I cannot use the specific features of Apple trackpad or I cannot use the iSight camera (probably the Vista drivers are not working well on Windows 2008 Server), but most of the Apple hardware is working fine (I hope Boot Camp will be upgraded to support Win2008 soon).

But I'm not that concerned because I want to run Visual Studio while using my and Safari browser, so I installed VMWare Fusion so that I can see Windows apps as if the were native on the Mac.


I still have to install Visual Studio and do some real works, but I'm pretty impressed with the setup for the moment.