I'm thinking about redesigning my blog and just for curiosity today I tried BrowserShots. It allows you to test any website on 60 different combination of browsers and platforms (35 on Linux, 20 on Windows, 5 on Mac). And as result it takes a screenshot of how the website is rendered.

I tried it with 40 default combinations and in 1 hour (the time after which shots in queue expire) it took 34 different shots, from the latest Safari 3.1, IE8 and FF3 to the older IE4.

My blog looks as I expected it to be on 30 out 33 browsers: the 3 failing are... IE 6, IE 5.5, IE 4.

I had no visitors with IE 5.5 or IE 4 in the last few months, but 15% of the overall visitors came with IE6, and sometimes they don't see the site I designed it. I'll see if I can find a VM with IE6 to try and debug the problem.

In all the others it looks good, including IE8 and the various flavors of Opera.

Here is how it looks on IE8. Pretty much the same as in IE7 and FF2 and all the other browsers.