I've always been attracted by wine, especially by the kind of magic that is behind his production. By how a small change in the weather, a small change in how the vines are handled, small changes in the composition of the ground can lead to totally different wines.

A few years ago I also started an OpenSource project to help vineyards and winemakers to better track these small changes and collect data to help them make better wine, I even collect a lot on information and gathered requirements, but unfortunately I had to stop working on it.

And yesterday, to try and understand the "magics" behind the wine, I started attending a course to become a sommelier. Of course I'm not thinking of becoming a professional sommelier, but just in case I want to change career, being a cook or working with wine is my next choice.

My favorite wine? Pinot Noir, better if from Sud Tirol or Otago.

PS: Picture on top by Eric Strauss on Flickr.