If you are like me and you followed the live coverage of the MacWorld 08 keynote you might have already seen it, but if you missed the live announcement of the MacBook Air, there is a nice offer going on at MacHeist: they are selling a bundle of 11 Mac apps, priced $368,75, for just $49.

Among the many apps, I want to highlight the one I'm interested in:

  • 1password. a password storage app integrated with all the browsers available on the Mac
  • CoverSutra: a iTunes controller
  • AppZapper: uninstaller for the Mac. Makes sure all the files associated with an app are removed when you remove the app
  • CSSEdit: the app that won the Apple Design Award as Best Developer Tool in 2007. A powerful CSS editor
  • Snapz Pro X: screen capture, both still and video
  • Pixelmator: a image editor, similar to Paint.NET on Windows

With all these apps I (almost) completed my list of applications for my Mac. But if you want to take advantage of this promotion you have to harry up, since it lasts only for other 8 days (January 23th). The promotion is no over.

Something I forgot to mention: 25% of each bundle will be given for charity.

UPDATE: as of January 20th, still 3 days to go, and the number of free apps raised to 14 (2 new games and one vector graphic software)

UPDATE: the offer had ended, hope there will be another one next year