UPDATE: The survey is closed and I just published the results of the survey: .NET Ajax Survey results.

Given the results of Ajaxian's survey about the state of the usage in the web development community, I decided to make a new survey, but this time only focused on .NET developers.

Please click here to take the survey.

I'll collect the results and then make some more stats.

The questions are the same as the Ajaxian's one:

  1. Are you using Ajax in production, development, proof of concept or not using it at all?
  2. Which web framework are you using (ASP.NET WebForms, Monorail, ASP Classic)?
  3. Which JS library or Ajax framework are you using?
  4. If you are using ASP.NET Ajax, are you using the partial rendering or only the Ajax library?

I included all the frameworks and libraries that had more than 2% share on the other survey, but just in case I forgot something, please add it.

UPDATE: Just some partial stats before going to bed at 2AM: 415 responses, ASP.NET Ajax leads with 80% and second is AJAX Control toolkit (17% but those are all included inside ASP.NET Ajax). Then comes jQuery with 13% and raw Ajax with 12%.

UPDATE 2: 24 hours after the beginning of this survey there have been 715 responses, with ASP.NET Ajax going a bit down to 75%, Ajax Control toolkit climbing up to 40%. Then Ajax.NET Pro, jQuery, Prototype, Telerik radControls and raw Ajax all around 11%. I'll keep the survey open till tonight (Italian time) and then tomorrow I'll post the results.

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