Today was a rainy day here in Milano, so decided to do a bit of Autumn cleaning, and throw away all my old and, unfortunately obsolete, programming books.

I threw away some DHTML books and some ASP Classic ones, and reminded me of my early days of programming and doing web development: I remember that I tested my first website with Netscape 1.something and that my first server side application was built with ColdFusion version 1 and then with LiveWire, the server side JavaScript dialect used inside the old Netscape Enterprise Server.

And while looking on wikipedia for these old nostalgic things, I found a very nice visualization of the history of web browsers.

Click on the image to see the full image in SVG format.



It lists a lot of browsers I never heard about, such as AWeb (a browser for AmigaOS), Arachne (browser for DOS), ELinks and Dillo, a small footprint (350Kb) web-browser for old computer or embedded systems.

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