Not a real censorship, like the Chinese one, but the Italian government is about to issue a new law to "organize" anything that can inform people: newspaper, magazines, public website but also private ones and blogs.

In order to have a blog, if this law is really issued, its owner must be registered to the ROC (Registro degli Operatori di Comunicazione), and must have a registered journalist as "Chief Editor".

I know this sounds like a joke, but it's not. Not a real law for the moment, but has been proposed in August and seems like it has been approved by one of the government commissions.

Here more link (unfortunately only in Italian):

After this news I might have to rethink about my decision to find a job in Italy and not come back to New Zealand. smile_regular

Nice is the image related to the news on Punto Informatico:

Emigrare means to migrate in Italian.