One of the thing that excited me from last week videos about the ASP.NET MVC framework is the amazing color schema that both ScottHa and ScottGu had on their Visual Studio: I sent an email and Scott was soo kind to answer me back with the VS schema.

Looking on the net I found that the color schema was "developed" by John "DLR" Lam, porting to Visual Studio the Vibrant Ink theme for TextMate.

Later Rob "SubSonic" Conery tweaked it, changed the black to shade of gray, and replaced Consolas with Monaco.

Since I'm, as Jeff "CodingHorror" Atwood, a fan of Consolas, I used Rob's settings (actually the one that Scott sent me), and switched back to Consolas 10pt.


Here you can download the original Rob settings, together with Monaco fonts.