Today it was my last day of work for the company that hired me last year and brought me to Wellington: we tried to go on working together from overseas, but with 12 hours of timezone difference was too difficult for me to manage the team of developers and lead the development of the new applications.

The "work from home" experience was great, but, in my 2 month experience with "that" kind of developers and with no overlapping working hours, is only good for development, not for managing people or projects, especially because you cannot make a phone call to ask why someone didn't finish something or if it takes 3 days for a simpleĀ 5 email exchange that could have been done in 2 hours.

What was the old saying? "Better alone than with morts"? smile_regular

And now I'm officially unemployed till I find a new job (I've got a few option to choose from), so I'll have time to finalize a cool new feature we are going to release with Subtext 1.9.6

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