Last Tuesday, for my birthday, 11th September, I received a gift from my wife: the new iPod Nano Video (3G) Red. Less then a week after it has been presented to the World by Steve Jobs.

So, even if not very .NET related, I wanted to post here the first impressions and some picture.

1-unboxed  2-clear-case1  3-clear-case2

Just a little bad experience: the gift message was printed only on the shipping notice, and the cardboard shipping box was still shaped to hold the old iPod Nano 2G (tall and thin).

As usual, iTunes display the exact model and color of the connected device. Please notice the Video and Games tabs.


Then I copied some songs on it, and here the new user interface: the about screen that tells you at a glance how much space is left on the 8Gb disk, the split of how the space is used, and the main music menu.

5-about  6-free-space  7-music-menu

And, going deeper in detail: the cover flow, the album list and the songs list.

8-coverflow  9-album 10-songs

And then, I also tried taking a picture of the Nike+ new interface: unfortunately the phone camera was not as good as the other digital camera.


I didn't use it so much for the moment, just listened to some songs, but the new UI is awesome. I still have to see how it is to watch a movie on a 2" display.

The cool thing is that the old lanyard headphones fits perfectly into the new iPod, so I can still walk around with the iPod hanging on my neck. And the new armband has 2 closing mode: one for the iPod only, and one for the iPod with the Nike+ receiver attached to the dock connector.

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