Yesterday Steve Jobs announced the new version of the iPods (new colors for the Shuffle, 3G Nano "fatty", iPod "classic", iPod Touch). There are a lot of posts about this, so I'm not going to increase the echo chamber effect.

Just want to focus on one think that is very important to me: the Nike+ sport kit.

Steve Jobs itself announced during the keynote that the new iPod Nano is compatible with the current version of the Nike+ Sport Kit, and the product page on Apple site reflects this, and provides some images of the new Nike+ UI (Thanks to Podophile for bringing this to my attention):


  info_rocknrun_20070905 timed_rocknrun20070905

The new Nano looks awesome, for the same price you get double the storage, the ability to play videos, and you also get the cover flow, which is cool. And I love the new Nike+ UI. But I'm a bit concerned about all the Nike+ garments I've got: I still have to see a size comparison between the old and new Nano, but I really don't think the new one will fit into the t-shirts and armbands I own. But the new armband should have also some room for the Nike+ receiver... ORDERED smile_regular

One last comment about the iPod Touch: as Mauricio said, the iPod touch is not only the best iPod ever, but, IMHO, is also the best PDA ever (with Wi-Fi, the best portable web browser ever, music and video playback, and all the "usual" PDA applications). The only thing missing is the possibility to use 3rd party offline applications.

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