Since more than a few readers and community fellows (both Italian and Kiwi) send me emails and IMs asking what I am going to do next I think it's better to answer them all with a blog post. So here is the roadmap:

  • Next Monday (6th August) I'm flying back to Italy to enjoy a bit of summer weather
  • I'll be in Italy working from home on the project I just started here at Calcium (and since Daniela is working on a wonderful lake far from Milano, I'll stay in the house on the lake with her)
  • Together with Daniela we will decided whether to stay in Italy or come back to New Zealand:
    • If we decide to come back we will do it at the end of October/beginning of November and I might come back in Calcium or go working in another company in Wellington or in the South Island
    • If we decide not to come back I might go back working for Esperia Connexia, or look for some other job in Italy (or Europe)

As I said in a post a few weeks ago, if it was only for the work conditions I'd come back to NZ as soon as my wife finishes her contract with the European Commission research center, but life is not only work, so... only time will tell...

One thing that is sure, is that this blog will go on even if I'll stay in Italy.

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