Yesterday it was the last of work here in Calcium for a colleague and friend of mine: Enrique, an Argentinean guy with Italian grandparents (from near Reggio Emilia). He is living in Wellington since 6 years, and working for that company since September 2006.

I worked with him only for 4 months (actually, all the time I worked here) but I think we both learnt a lot for each other: he learnt a bit  of web application design and Ajax, while I learnt from him a bit of winform application design, an a lot about the Kiwi way of living and working and, most of all, the differences between their way of thinking and the Latin one.

He decided to leave the company because he wants to try and go working in the UK or Ireland: now he will be studying hard to pass the MCPD Certification and then move to Europe.

In Italy we say "In bocca al lupo" (or also something worst that I cannot write on a blog) as way to wish luck to someone ("Good luck" is said to bring bad luck for exams): In bocca al lupo for both your exams, and for your experience in the UK!!