DotNetNuke team just announced that DNN 4.5+ will move to FCKeditor as the default rich text editor on all the portal pages, replacing the previously used FTB.

This is a big achievement for Frederico Caldeira Knabben that started that project in March 2003 and that was awarded as SF Project of the Month in December 2005.

I've been a member of that team for a long time, and I developed the java connector. Here a public thank you that Fred said when he was interviewed by  SF for the POTM award:

I would also like to leave here a big thanks for all my contributors, who have always given their best to enhance the quality of our project, and especially to Simone Chiaretta, who has been with us a long time.

Unfortunately I had to stop contributing due the many things that are happening to me in that period of my life, so now the java integration is managed by Alakon Software. Now my involvement with FCKeditor will be mainly testing it inside our Subtext blog engine and translating to Italian.