I've been thinking about getting a mac since I saw the new MacBook Pro more than one year ago: now my old 4 years old laptop (Acer Travelmate 430) is starting to have some problems (running very high on kernel mode CPU time, probably due to some HD failures) and the macbook option is getting more and more real.

Probably I'll not buy a MacBook Pro since it costs too much (4.749 NZ$ or 2.499 euro), but the MacBook 13"" with 2GB of RAM is what I'll probably buy.

I knew about Parallels, the software that allow you to run a Windows OS (XP or Vista) inside a Mac, but yesterday I found out a very cool feature they added to the final release of Parallels Desktop for Mac: Coherence.

This feature allow user to run Windows applications without forcing them inside the virtual desktop.

When a user switches to Coherence mode, their Windows desktop disappears, leaving their Windows applications running directly on their Mac desktop.

But an image, or a video, is better than a thousand words:


If you are reading this post inside a newsreader, read the post on the CodeClimber site to watch the video