Steve Harman decided to tag me for the latest meme around in the blogsphere. So here I'm telling you 5 things about me.

I was tagged also on my italian blog community, so here I'm translating (more or less) the same 5 things:

  1. I turned on my first computer only in 1993, during my first exam at the university: I was studying Science of Composite Materials. It was love at first sight, I got the maximum mark and after a few year I decided to quit that course and switch to Computer Science.
  2. I raced Mountain Biking from '90 till '98, but I had to quit due a nasty problem on a knee. I still have this problem even if I had a knee surgery and I'm doing specific exercises
  3. I've been an anti-MS till the release of the .NET framework: before that I was programming on ASP classic and VB6 for work, but I loved Java, so I used that language for all my side works and opensource projects.
  4. Even if I'm Italian I hate soccer: the only team sport I like is basketball. And I'm a big fan of Pallacanestro Varese, and I was the webmaster of the Official Gianmarco Pozzecco website, aka "the atomic fly". And I was at the stadium when Varese won his last Italian Championship, in 1999.
  5. Before starting living on my own (well.. with my wife), 6 years ago, I was 10kg more then I'm a now, I dressed with "boring" clothing, while now I'm more a "surf-style" guy

Now it's my turn to tag someone else:

And remember: I didn't tell you anything