Finally I made it: starting from today, December 11st, 2006, almost 2 years after my first blog post on my Italian blog, I've got an English blog, too...

Why did I choose to have a blog written in English? Because I'm moving to Wellington, NZ in less than a month and I'm taking part in the global .NET community.

Also, last April I saw this post from Jeff "Coding Horror" Atwood about creating one's own personal brand, and since I'm a free climber I decided to go with CodeClimber: a good mix of the 2 things I like the most.

If you want to know something more about me I encourage you to read my short bio.

As final note, this blog is powered by Subtext, one of the most popular .NET blogging engine. I'm part of the development team and I'm taking care of the build and CI process, and I'm designing the plugin framework that will be released with the next major release code name "Poseidon".

You may notice a few other posts before this introductory one: they are copy of popular posts I had on my Italian blog, just to start this blog site with something more that an intro

One final note is about the graphics of the blog: the logo is final, but everything else is not definitive, so, expect to see changes in the future.