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Slides and demo of my presentation on Vista Sidebar Gadgets

After coming back from my long weekend in Barcelona I finally uploaded the slides and demos of the presentation I held two weeks ago at the XeDotNet user group meeting about Developing Vista Sidebar Gadgets. The presentation and the demos take you step by step in the creation of a Vista Sidebar Gadget, starting from a basic gadget to a full-blown localized gadget, with settings, flyout and undocked view: basic gadget adding transparent background adding a Settings page adding the Undocked view adding a Flyout getting ready for localization Since I used a Mac, the main presentation is Keynote format,...

Developing Vista Gadgets: impressions and photo gallery

I just came back from the post-event dinner, and here some picture of the presentation on Vista Gadgets running on a MacBook.     Not many people attended the presentation: too close to the end of the summer season, and probably not many people likes Vista. But I think this evening I showed some good reasons why developing Vista Sidebar Gadgets matters. I received some good questions from the elite that listened to my 2 hours long presentation, some of which are still unanswered. I promise I'll look for some answers and post them on my...