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Christmas present for you: Announcing Web.NET Conf 2013 in Paris

Together with the traditional Christmas and New Year wishes, I wanted to give all European developer a small Xmas present: Web.NET Conference 2013 will be held in Paris, around the end of May This year's edition is possible thanks to the help of Rui Carvalho, which already came to talk at last Web.NET Conference. So, let's look forward to an amazing 2013!! webnetconf, xmas

Why you should never use a boolean field (use an Enum instead)

Over the last few months I worked, on my spare time, on a new web development project: the site for the Web.NET Conference. It was a refreshing experience, going back working on custom development on ASP.NET MVC 4 and all the latest bits of technology. That gave me quite a few ideas for posts, so over the next weeks I'm going to blog about some of the bits and pieces of code that I think are worth sharing with the community, like ActionResults, HtmlHelpers together with my first real-coding experiences with RavenDb. As first post I’m not focusing...

Windows Authentication working from remote but not locally

Lately I’ve been playing with RavenDb, for building the website of the Web.NET Conference, and after first testing with the embedded db, I decided that it was better to go to “server mode”. So I followed the instruction on how to set it up as IIS application, and I got it working pretty quickly: I could access the management studio from the browser and run the site on my development machine connected to the instance running on the server (by specifying the credentials in the connection string). When I was ready to publish it for doing some real...