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When will WebForm vs MVC become like ListView vs Repeater?

Lately I’ve been reading again lot of discussions going on about whether WebForm is a much wiser choice for developers, if it will die in favor of ASP.NET MVC, or how much ASP.NET MVC brings productivity away because it forces you to learn another framework or because it makes you think more about pattern, or name-your-other-rather-random-opinion. Even if I wrote a book about ASP.NET MVC, I’ve to say I’m getting pretty bored about this discussions: like it or not many big companies cannot afford to rebuild their whole web applications on ASP.NET MVC, even if they want the TDD...

Two frameworks are better than one

Looking deeper into the raw data of the survey about Ajax adoption among .NET developers I found some interesting figures that show a probably different mindset you get when you start working with ASP.NET MVC. Let’s see the following table, that show the percentage of developers that use jQuery vs the MS Ajax Stack based on which web UI framework they are using.   ...