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Is the Web really dead? No way!

Last week Wired published a long article stating that the Web (as in the thing you get through the browser) is dead, while the Internet is evolving. I think they are totally wrong for a few reasons: They prove their statement reading in the stats what they wanted to read: they compare the proportion of traffic instead of the total amount and this leads to the wrong conclusions They say the web is being taken over by peer-to-peer and video, based, again, on the bandwidth used Most...

Information R/evolution

How do we store information? On a physical library we store books on shelves, and index their position in catalogues. Since the beginning of the web we started building websites like we were used to build libraries, and at the beginning search engines were catalogs of websites. But digital information is different: it allows content to be reorganized dynamically, and we don't need categories anymore, because we already have heaps of keywords in each document, that can be searched. I just found (thanks to Daniela) via information aesthetics, a cool video that explain in a very easy way why. Made by...